Slovenia will chair a group of EU members in the area of social economy in 2018. Furthermore, the city of Maribor will also turn into a European Capital of Social Economy in this year. The decision was taken at the last year organised conference, namely the Social Summit of the Member States of the European Union. The event was in Sweden's Goethebourg on 17 November.

Hence, elected Slovenia will lead a group of 14 EU countries which are active in developing social economy at the national and European levels. Moreover, it will take over the chairing the group's supervisory board, just like Maribor - Slovenia's second largest city - the title of European Social Capital from Spain's Madrid. This city - compared with other Slovenian cities - has developed social economy to the largest extent over the last 5 years.

Tadej Slapnik, State Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office defined Slovenia's activities in establishing and promoting of the social economy environment.

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About the event a short video was made, which is available HERE