As most European regions, our SOCIAL SEEDS partners from Rzeszów have put in place a number of actions to support social enterprises during the current pandemic.

The Regional Center for Social Policies has launched a supporting hotline with information on risks related to COVID-19. It provides assisstance in crisis situations and gives food support options from the Programme Operational Food Assistance 2014-2020 for quarantined people with low incomes.

Furthermore, the Center is continuing its activities in the Leaders of Cooperation project, with a particular focus on the coronavirus outbreak, exploring e.g. how people can cooperate during the quarantine. Here Centers for Social Help and Assistance and Family Help Centers provide crucial help, informing on what types of assistance are available to quarantined persons, especially for people from vulnerable groups such as elderly, lonely and disabled persons. The activities are being closely monitored and feed into the Cooperation Model.

On top of that, the Regional Center for Social Policies is making a special effort to collect input from social welfare institutions, nursing and residential homes and hospitals, seeking answers to specific needs and arranging the provision of goods or services by social companies (such as desinfectant gels, face masks, catering services, etc.). This initiative ensures the employees of these social enterprises can keep their jobs and livelihoods and at the same times relieves the needs stemming from the pandemic.