On the 2nd of June, the webinar co-organised by the European Parliament’s Social Economy Intergroup and Social Economy Europe “Co-designing the European Action Plan for the Social Economy, as a leverage for the Economic and Social Recovery of Europe” took place, and some of our colleagues from Social Seeds had the opportunity to attend.

During almost four hours, a great number of high-level speakers had the opportunity to discuss the importance of social economy for the strengthen of Europe and its industry, as well as its contribution to the European social and economic recovery after the Covid-19 crisis. More precisely, these topics were presented around four different roundtables: a participative approach to building the European Action Plan for the Social Economy; a perspective on the potential of social economy to rebuild Europe’s economic fabric from EU regions; the European Action Plan for the Social Economy at the heart of the strategy to restore sustainable growth and social cohesion in Europe; and the role of the social economy in the economic and social recovery of Europe.

During the webinar, two guest speakers had the possibility of intervening: Yolanda Díaz, Minister for Labour and Social Economy of Spain; and the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit.

If you missed the webinar and want to see by yourself what was discussed, please click here.

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