During the daily webinar of the European Alliance against Coronavirus, Mr Mikel Irujo of the region of Navarra (ES), explained the region's involvement in the S3 Thematic Partnership on Social Economy and their plans on setting up a European Business School of Social Economy (EBSSE).

Because of the fragmented nature of the social economy sector it’s difficult to clearly place social economy on the EU “Policy Map”. With this in mind, the EBSSE aims to become a central point of reference and provide professional support and capacity building for social entrepreneurs.

By bringing together key social economy stakeholders such as enterprises, business training centres, academia and public authorities the EBSSE will be a dedicated place for mutual learning and exchange of experience, providing access to digital and physical spaces for cooperation and interaction between social economy stakeholders.

For more information, go to the S3 Platform or contact Mr Mikel IRUJO.
We will post regular updates about this initiative. Stay tuned.