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The topics for the 3rd Interregional Training Workshop were evaluated at the 4th Interregional Thematic Seminar in Florence, December 2017. A questionnaire has been used to
collect most desired topics proposed by European stakeholders according to the semester topic
“Support to specific target groups, such as young people, migrants or female entrepreneurs”:

Entrepreneurial mindset in the educational system
Entrepreneurial education is crucial to raise the numbers of future entrepreneurs.
This session will provide different methodologies in order to promote, to teach and to implement
entrepreneurial spirit in the young age.

How to approach and identify the needs of special target groups
A deep insight and understanding of the target group needs is a key factor for a successful policy
instrument. Especially policy instruments addressed to special target groups cannot be adapted without
considering the socio-cultural and economic situation of the respective target groups. Thus, an extensive
analysis is necessary.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: How to provide customized services for special target groups
Policy instruments, programs and services addressed to entrepreneurship are part of a regional
entrepreneurial ecosystem. Public authorities, together with regional actors, have to identify their
entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to use synergy effects, to identify lack of services and to design new policy instruments. This ensures smart support services for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The event agenda, presentations, photos and a summary report with overview of good practices are available in the web site LIBRARY