The 4th Stakeholders Group meeting in Tuscany Region has been organized by the Municipality of Florence and ANCI Tuscany on 11th of May 2017. SPEED UP partners summarized to regional stakeholders main conclusions from two first interregional workshops and presented briefly the second theme Cooperation between public authorities, businesses, universities and R & D centers. Participants discussed about existing good practices from Tuscany and agreed that the experience of the Foundation for Research and Innovation  is the most suitable to be presented at the next Interregional Thematic Seminar that will take place in Tallinn in June. 

The Municipality of Florence then presented the proposal for the agreement for the promotion of the Florentine innovation ecosystem with local stakeholders CSAVRI, the FRI - Research and Innovation Foundation, SSATI, Impact Hub and Nana Bianca. The main aim of the agreement will be to stimulate the collaboration and networking on local level, coordinate mentoring, incubation and accelerations services and organize fundraising awareness events.
Finally,  PONTECH presented a wide-ranging picture at regional level for the incubation of enterprises and calls for incubator and start-up house funding of the Tuscany region.

The event agenda, presentations and photos are available in the LIBRARY section of the web site.