Virtual Interregional Learning Session of STAR Cities

The 4th Interregional Learning Session of STAR Cities will be hosted online by the Val-de-Marne Tourism Board from February 9 to 12, 2021. The event will focus on the themes of Governance and Cooperation for river tourism development and will include virtual study visits to discover good practices and workshops.

Registration :

Good practices webinars are open to all participants, register here. 

Programme :

Tuesday, 9 February 2021 - Good practices webinars

9-10-10:40 : Destination management & river tourism in STAR Cities regions

  • Governance in Val-de-Marne : case study on the Marne river cooperation project
  • Governance in Lazio Region and the City of Rome : case study on the River, Lake and Mouth Contracts
  • Governance in Hamburg Metropolitan Region
  • Governance in Kaunas : case study on "Kaunas 2022" as a cultural operator
  • Governance in Ljubljana Region : case study on the Regional Destination Organisation

10:40-11:55: Good practice presentation from NECSTouR

IdentitisVojvodina Travel It aims to increase the visibility of the tourism offer of the Tisa region, both from the Serbian and Hungarian side. The leading partner in the project has developed a database – website, which covers all key entities in the municipality along the Tisa River. 

10:55-11:10: A local planning tool leading to river tourism development

SAGE Marne ConfluenceSyndicat Marne ViveA local planning tool for a balanced and sustainable management of water resources in a specific river basin, developed collectively by the water stakeholders. Its main objective is the search for a sustainable balance between the protection of nature and the satisfaction of uses.

11:10-11:30: Questions & Conclusion

Wednesday, 10 February 2021 - Good practices webinars

09:00-10:15: Joint strategies for river tourism development 

Joint Action Plan implemented by Marne river DMOsVal-de-Marne Tourism BoardThrough this partnership agreement, Val-de-Marne Tourism Board and 3 other DMOs are developing common activities along the river Marne:
·Joint boat cruises program with cost sharing
·Water activites
·Marketing & communication actions
Kurs ElbeFlusslandschaft Elbe Tourism Destination office  One of the projects that has successfully transformed cooperation into sustainably working structures. It shows how cross-border cooperation between destination marketing organisations can work. The objective is to develop tourism between Hamburg and Wittenberge along the river Elbe through specific implemented measures.
Agenda TevereA Hub of associations and individual citizens An accelerator of change, collaboration and shared responsibility. A Non-for-profit Hub of associations interested in revitalizing the River Tiber.
The Vltava, a river full of experiencesThe South Bohemian and the Central Bohemian Tourist Boards (Czechia)
The project focuses not only on the Vltava river itself, as a waterway, but also on its surroundings and other tourist attractions, including the cities of Český Krumlov and Prague, which historical centers are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

10:15-11:30: Collaborative projects and actions to develop the river tourism

Nautical Trails label Canoë-Kayak National/Regional FederationsAn innovative ecotourism offer created in France in collaboration with all the water sports clubs, tourist offices, etc. It allows to discover the built, natural, cultural and landscape heritage, thanks to dedicated signage and secure routes to make it a soft and slow tourist product.
Elbe Cycle PathTourist organizations and/or administrative district of both sides of the river from Cuxhaven to WittenbergeManagement of the infrastructure of the Elbe Cycle path along the Elbe in Hamburg Metropolitan Region: how to preserve, improve, finance the infrastructure (e.g. signposting). Joint marketing and product development for the Elbe Cycle path in our region.  
Day-trip tourism campaignHMR office, Hamburg Marketing Company and 20 tourism organisations
Joint communication campaign realized by cooperation of HMR office, Hamburg Marketing Company and 20 tourism organisations to make people from Hamburg and the region spend more time within Hamburg Metropolitan Region esp. outside the touristic hotspots.
Barjanka Cycling Race
Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park
The purpose of the race, which takes place every year as a part of Franja Marathon, is to present the landscape of the Ljubljana Marshes and to evoke memories of the beginning of cycling competitions, when the first cycling races were still held on gravel roads.
Urban Nature EventNature experience facilities, parks and nature conservation associationsAbout 40 events organised in the region: boat trips, paddling, swimming the River Elbe, cycling and hiking tours along the river.

11:30-11:45: Questions & Conclusion

Thursday, 11 February 2021 

09:00-11:30: THEMATIC WORKSHOP on Governance & Cooperation

Friday, 12 February 2021 

09:00-11:30: Action Plan WORKSHOP