Sustainable tourism development in Riverside Cities : project ideas for the future

On Thursday 25 November 14:00-14:30 CET, STAR Cities partners will present their project ideas for the future during Europe, let's cooperate networking sessions.

STAR Cities learning programme is coming to an end and project partners are happy to present the result of their cooperation for a better management of river tourism in Riverside Cities.

While they are starting to implement their action plans, project partners would like to open the discussion about the future of their cooperation through the Riverside Cities network that they wish to develop in the coming years. In particular, they wish to go further in the exchange of good practices regarding some specific topics and welcome new regions on board.

So far, the following project ideas have been discussed :

> What are the technical solutions to help river tourism to turn green ? How regional authorities and tourism boards can support the private sector in this important transition ? For example regarding boat cruises, soft mobility, intermodality, etc.

> How to create and valorise a Water and River Culture in Europe ? What are the (hi)stories of locals regarding the river and how it can be highlighted to be part of the destination storytelling ?

All Riverside Cities regions are welcome to take part in this brainstorming discussion !

We also invite you to the European conference help online the next day, on Friday 26 November 10:00 CET, to present STAR Cities good practices and policy recommendations. Programme and registration.