Good practices presentations from STAR Cities partners on Governance and cooperation

In the frame of the STAR Cities project, a new virtual Interregional learning session was hosted from February, 9 to 12 by the lead partner the Val-de-Marne Tourism Board. Originally intented to take place in Val-de-Marne (France,) the event was eventually adapted into a virtual format because of the inability for partners to meet on the spot in regards to the Covid-19 crisis.

The main theme of the event focused on the themes of « Governance and cooperation ». In the same way as the previous seminar focused on « Tourism products and marketing », the seminar presented good practices on the topic introduced by STAR Cities’ partners and their stakeholders.

Rewatch the presentations below :

Destination management and river tourism in STAR Cities regions

  • Governance in Val-de-Marne : case study on the Marne river cooperation project
  • Governance in Lazio Region and the City of Rome : case study on the River, Lake and Mouth Contracts
  • Governance in Hamburg Metropolitan Region
  • Governance in Kaunas : case study on "Kaunas 2022" as a cultural operator
  • Governance in Ljubljana Region : case study on the Regional Destination Organisation

Good practices of collaborative projects and actions

Good practices of joint strategies to develop river tourism