Presentation of STAR Cities' partner Roma Capitale Municipio IX

What is your role in STAR Cities ? 

Roma Capitale - Municipio IX EUR is the second biggest district in Rome with several tourist attractions such as natural, historical and leisure. EUR, the most important municipal area, it the only Directional centre in Rome. The district is absolutely interesting in such a partnership: while the Lazio Region will improve its policy on tourism, the Municipio IX EUR of Rome will set up new actions and will propose projects to implement this policy concretely with a focus on riverbed and the enhancement of the on suburban development

Why have you decided to join STAR Cities and what do you expect from it ? 

STAR Cities consortium will benefit from the Municipio IX EUR of Rome expertise in sustainable mobility and experience in ERDF funds requests. On the other hand, the Roma Capitale EUR district will take advantages from the benchmark on best practices to be able to set up more ERDF projects to develop and implement concretely its policies.

What are the main stakeholders you are planning to involve in STAR Cities ? What is your organisation‘s relationship with them?

For the STAR Cities project the stakeholder group is composed of the following subjects: 

  • Local public authorities including small and medium municipalities in the territory of Lazio Region;
  • SMEs working in the tourist and innovation sectors;
  • Tourist agencies;
  • Chamber of commerce,
  • Research centres and Universities
  • Incubators,
  • Environmental Associations;
  • Municipal agency for mobility;
  • Sport and Leisure Associations (including water sports such as canoeists association, etc.)
  • Archaeological Associations

What are your territory goals and challenges related to riverside tourism development? How would you ideally see your region develop over the next few years? 

STAR Cities project will develop tourism in our territory by initiatives designed for an ecological tourism, especially for the stretch that connects the city with the sea through EUR district of Roma Capitale, characterized by a luxuriant nature.

The will of the city administration is to promote this peculiar vocation and possibly to extend the existing cultural and leisure activities present in the city centre. In this area are periodically organized festivals, book presentations, concerts, and conferences and these activities have given rise to the development of agencies and companies involved in organizing river activities for local people and tourists. During the spring/summer period organized river trips carry students and citizens on the river's waterway to its estuary, recognizing and appreciating the environmental biodiversity as well as the archaeological sites of ancient Ostia.

In any case, most of the activities carried out along the Tiberis in the peripheral area of Rome are undertaken by a minority of residents and by a small number of tourists, despite the potential for tourism exploitation being wide, given the beauty of Rome. We do expect from STAR Cities project to transfer ideas to increase the capacity of attractiveness and the following creation of job opportunities.