This workshop is organised by the partnership of two Interreg Europe projects – START EASY and GRESS. It will focus on exchanging ideas, identifying common challenges and getting updates on policy developments with the objective of improving policy making and delivering smart tools to enable a conductive environment to boost startups and competitiveness in a sustainable Europe.

The workshop will create links between regional ecosystems, focusing on learning from each other and identifying common challenges, innovative policy solutions, new evidence on impact and upcoming policy priorities with the objective of unlocking the potential of European startups.

The first session will focus on how to improve policy making policy making for enhancing a conducive environment for startup creation and for delivering efficient startup promotion instruments. Concrete European projects aiming at improving policy making and delivering smart tools to improve startups and SMEs competitiveness will be presented and discussed with young entrepreneurs who will provide first-hand testimonials on the specific needs and challenges encountered by startups.

The workshop will then split into 4 round tables to discuss on the specific policies and smart tools to support startups according to their sector of activity. The participants will discuss policies and smart tools on financing, regulation and proactive public and support services for the startups, divided by subtopics and economic sectors: (1) green economy- drivers and challenges, (2) digital and tech, (3) Health, well-being and life sciences industries, and (4) will discuss new innovative business solutions in a future green and circular Europe.


Opening speech (5-10 mins)

- Mr. Joan Romero, Chief Executive Officer, Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ), Government of Catalonia.

Session 1: Improving regional policy making and smart tools for a conducive environment for business creation (30 mins)

- Representative of the START EASY – Interreg Europe project

o Natàlia Cantero, OSS responsible, Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge of Catalonia, Government of Catalonia.

- Representative of the GRESS – Interreg Europe project

o Øyvind Lyngen Laderud, International Coordinator, Society and Innovation, City of Kristiansand.

- Entrepreneur

o Nuria Pastor, Chief Executive Officer, HumanITCare

Round tables (30 mins)

- "Sustainability and profitability: drivers and challenges for green enterprises- introduction of a European scale analysis", coordinated and facilitated by the Metropolitan City of Bologna, partner of the GRESS project.

o Moderator - Valeria Stacchini, EU Project Manager, Metropolitan City of Bologna

o Speaker - Carlotta Petolicchio, EU Project Manager, Metropolitan City of Bologna


- “Digital and tech”, coordinated and facilitated by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), stakeholder of the START EASY project.

o Moderator - Patrick Jordens, Head of team ambitious entrepreneurship and business transfers, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (


- “Health, well-being and life sciences industries”, coordinated and facilitated by Biocat.

o Moderator – Montserrat Daban, Scientific and International Relations Director, Biocat

o Speaker - Anaïs Le Corvec, Network Manager, Council of European BioRegions (CEBR)


- “Opportunities for new innovative business solutions in the field of green and circular economy”, coordinated and facilitated by Clean Tech Bulgaria, partner of the GRESS project.

o Moderator – Elitsa Petkova, Project Coordinator, Cleantech Bulgaria Foundation

o Speaker - Mariyana Hamanova, Chairperson of Cleantech Bulgaria Foundation

Wrap up and conclusions of the round tables (15 mins)

Closing remarks (5 mins)

- Cristina Pruñonosa, Director of the Business Management Office, Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge of Catalonia, Government of Catalonia.