On April 26 and 27, the Interregional Thematic Workshop was held in Barcelona within the StartEasy program with our European partners (Metropolitan City of Bologna, Lithuanian Innovation Center, Lublin Science and Technology Park, Mazovia Development Agency Plc, Ministry of Economics Republic of Latvia, Economic Council of East Flanders, Government of Catalonia) and speakers.

With these thematic workshops, the aim is to be able to exchange experiences and good practices on a subject, for which the agenda is proposed jointly by all the participating regions.

In this case, the good practices focused on TALENT, necessary talent, both to work and incorporate it from the academic cycle, as well as the need for companies to be able to provide themselves with all this talent to improve their business competitiveness.

Thus, on April 26 the session began with a first block to share the status of the participating regions in relation to talent and discussed what changes they considered should be considered, improved and applied in their regions.

Then there was a presentation of Barcelona Digital Talent and what good practices are being carried out in Catalonia to try to break the digital divide and the rest of the sessions the presentations were aimed at how we can generate talent.