Regional Stakeholders meeting and Training Webinars on Crowdfunding: fundamentals and operational techniques".

The cycle of three meetings organised in within the Interreg Europe Start Easy project was hosted by the Crowdfunding Hub of the Metropolitan City,the Co-Start Villa Garagnani incubator and coworking space of the Municipality of Zola Predosa started on 14 May and ended on 18 June 2021.

"Crowdfunding: foundations and operational techniques" is the title of the initiative, which wanted to offer participants a theoretical framework on the phenomenon and a "toolbox" to design a successful campaign and manage it in its various phases. The training - with a practical and interactive cut - saw the important and active contribution of the University of Bologna and the Ginger and

The meetings, online and free, were targeted to the startups incubated by Co-Start Villa Garagnani, the winners of the Barresi Award and selected users of Progetti d'impresa - the orientation center for business creation in the Metropolitan City. With a view to promoting further synergies between the various territorial actors, the training also was targeted to startups supported by the female incubator Nilde of the Municipality of San Lazzaro, with whom both the Metropolitan City and the Municipality of Zola Predosa, through their respective services and spaces for business start-up and development collaborate.

Therefore, business projects in the setting up phase, startups and micro / small enterprises benefited from the training. In particular:

• Entomeat, eRELIEF, Overlogic Academy, Human Center Brand, SubitoAmmesso - winners of the 2021 call for access to the Co-Start Villa Garagnani incubator and coworking space

• Dynamo and Solar Power Innovation - respectively winner and special mention of the Barresi 2020 Prize

• Kreizy and Wool Done - respectively winners of the 2017 and 2018 edition of the Barresi Prize, Magnasò and Northside Snowscoot - initiatives being set up accompanied by business projects

• U.mani and OCRA - winners of the 2020 call for access to Nilde - and Green Baby Box - a business project candidate for the call and subsequently enhanced by the female incubator through the offer of training for business development.

The next steps of the RSG: developing lines of action for the Local Action Plan

The interaction and collection of suggestions/ideas by the Regional Stakeholder Group will go on in the 5th semester going deeper and more in details for drafting lines of actions on the priority topic identified by MCBO of improving the current OSS system and integration between one-stop-shops and new financial services offered to businesses and start-ups.

MCBO aims at enriching the services offered to start-ups and SMEs in general, enabling a better business environment, in particular developing target services and tools to accompanying strategic investments in the metropolitan area. To that end the MCBO intends to disseminate new knowledge, experience and practices learned through START EASY to the local and regional stakeholders, collaborating with them to develop concrete initiatives aligned with PSM 2.0 and the objective to boost Bologna as a Startup Valley.