On the 14th of July the Final Conference Phase I of Start Easy Project will be held with all the partners, stakeholders and participants involved in the start Easy Project. 

AGENDA Tuesday 14th July


Institutional welcome

* Mr. Lluís Juncà, General Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Presentation of Regional Action Plans

* LP - Government of Catalonia (10 min.)

* PP2 - Metropolitan City of Bologna (10 min.)

* PP3 - Lithuanian Innovation Center (10 min.)

* PP4 - Lublin Science and Technology Park (10 min.)

* PP5 - Economic Council of East Flanders (10 min.)

* PP6 – Mazovia Development Agency Plc (10 min.)

* PP8 - Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia (10 min.)


Discussion – Final Questions


Closing remarks and conclusion of the conference


Discussion in Project Partners Rooms