The STEPHANIE project brings together 8 crucial partners from 7 European areas to exchange their experiences on space policy, and ensure the achievement of effective policy instruments in strategic development and territorial impact in space technologies.

Sharing of knowledge between partners leans against 2 pillars in order to support R&I delivery:

  • Quadruple helix cooperation along technology value chain at regional and interregional level.
  • Coordinated and simplified funding schemes for development of marketable and society oriented products and services.

Through addressing the gap between space research and its application and simultaneously individuating its societal challenges within the EU, the desired long term impact is improving regional competitiveness and capacity of regions to direct EU space policies and strategies.

The kick-off meeting of the STEPHANIE project is designed to introduce partners to each other and to initiate exchange on existing experiences and good practices and to the identified support actions. It is structured into interactive open exchange sessions, one study visit and one interactive workshop involving project partners and their key stakeholders. The meeting also provides information on the programme communication requirements and procedures for technical and financial reporting.