Tuscany: The hydro-geological risk and innovative techniques at the center of the 3rd regional stakeholder group 

The third Tuscany Regional Stakeholder Group is taking place in Sesto Fiorentino (Italy) at the premises of IFAC-CNR on June, 7th  2018. 

At the heart of the event will be the hydrogeological risk, which will be analyzed in relation to the main problems and needs of end-users and the opportunities offered by remote sensing and new technologies. In particular, the topic of the analysis of ground deformations by means of radar satellites will be discussed. 

Furthermore, the regional Smart Specialization Strategy in the Space sector will be updated and new ideas for improving regional policies in this sector will be discussed. 

The third European STEPHANIE event, held in Belgium in Liège (17-18 January 2018), will be presented, in which the partners discussed the different regional visions, good practices and ideas, and cases of success will be highlighted from the partner regions of the project. 

The regional partners of Tuscany and local stakeholders will take part in the event.