“North Rhine-Westphalia is an important supplier state for space technologies with great potential, especially in the field of photonic applications,” is the conclusion of the first SPIA meeting.

SPIA stands for “Space and Photonics Innovation Actors”. In order to sustainably support NRW’s orientation in this highly specialized field, we invite you to exchange views with other experts in this field on the current situation and future opportunities and challenges at the fourth SPIA meeting of the InterregEurope project “STEPHANIE”. 

After a compact review of the first events and a summary of best practices from other European regions, the following two areas will be the focus of an open discussion: 

The transfer of technology from research to industry and thus to application, as well as the funding and financing instruments that are necessary to further support technology transfer, for example through incubators or start-up programmes. After the analysis of the actual situation of the technology transfer, proposals for future funding measures will be developed in the course of the meeting.