Electric propulsion (EP) for spacecraft significantly reduces the fuel required for orbital manoeuvres. However, current EP systems are based on old technologies, have limited operational ranges, and rely on propellants which are rare and expensive. The use of superconductors can overcome these issues, enabling propulsion systems with a far greater scalability and operational flexibility, and which operate on cheaper, alternative propellants.

In our NMWP Innovation2GO-Webinar „SUPREME die nächste Generation Plasma Antriebe für Raumfahrt Missionen,“ the co-founders of NeutronStar Systems UG Manuel La Rosa Betancourt (CEO) and Marcus Collier-Wright (CTO) will introduce their Superconductor-Based EP technology, SUPREME, and explain how this will enable the next generation of high-power space missions such as satellite servicing, cargo transfers, and interplanetary exploration. 

NeutronStar Systems UG (NSS) is a space technology start-up based in Cologne. In partnership with the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart, NSS is focused on the introduction and commercialisation of superconductor-based subsystems for spacecraft applications. The company’s core focus is on electric propulsion systems and spacecraft re-entry shielding systems.