Day 1:         19th July 2022

09:00h – 09:10h        Welcome and Opening

  • Dirk Kalinowski, NanoMicroMaterialsPhotonics.NRW Cluster
    Participative Session
    The objective of this session, moderated by Resolvo srl., is to present to all other regions in the partnership their final proposal for policy change and next steps expected activities, together with the involved stakeholders, on the basis of the updated Regional Vision (RV) and the input gathered during the Study visit previously organised. Each presentation will last 20 minutes.

09:10h – 10:30h         Part I

  • IFAC/ Tuscany Region,
  • City of Prague,
  • Photonics Bretagne,
  • NMWP Cluster

10:30h – 10:45h        Coffee Break

10:45h – 11:45h        Part II

  • Durham County Council,
  • Liège Space Centre

11:45h -12:05h     Plenary session 
with a round of exchange on comments, suggestion received during the day.

12:05h – 12:45h        Lunch

12:45h – 14:00h         Transfer to site visit location 

14:00h – 17:00h        Site visit: German Aerospace Center (Cologne)

  • Microgravity User Support Center (MUSC)
  • Institute of Aerospace Medicine
  • The High-Flux Solar Furnace and the Solar Simulator
  • CeraStorE  
    (CERAmics, STORage, Energy; Competence Center for Ceramic Materials and Thermal Storage Technologies in Energy Research)

17:00h – 18:00h        Transfer back to Düsseldorf

19:00h             Dinner

– End of Day 1 –

Day 2:         20th July 2022

09:30h – 09:45h        Welcome

09:45h – 10:45h        External presentations (20 min each)

  • AeroSpace.NRW network - Dr. Harald Cremer (AeroSpace.NRW)
  • ESA BIC - Johannes Schmidt (EurA AG)
  • Einstein Telescope - Matthias Grosch (Cluster NMWP)

10:45h – 11:00h        Discussion / Q&A

11:00h – 11:30h        Coffee break

11:30h – 12:00h        Conclusions
Presentation of workshop findings, closing discussion – next steps  
(Steering group update on project closure)

12:00h – 13:00h        Lunch

– End of Meeting –