There were many exciting impulses at the Stephanie partner meeting. Various European high-tech regions exchanged information about their activities in recent years to strengthen the industry at the interface of aerpace and photonics to benefit from the experiences of the other regions.

Another Interreg Europe project, NMP-REG as well as it's successes were presented. In particular, the Pilot Action, an accelerator for hardware-based high-tech start-ups, as well as the NRW accelerator "High-Tech NRW" that emerged from it was showcased.

The NMWP.NRW cluster took the opportunity to present NRW's contribution to the construction of the Einstein telescope planned in the border region of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Stephanie project made a decisive contribution to the creation of the network AeroSpace.NRW, which was also presented at the meeting.

In addition, the partners visited the DLR campus in Cologne and gained exciting impressions of the ongoing activities of DLR and ESA.