NMP-REG and TRINNO projects have organised a significant conference dedicated to Industry 4.0 on 19th March in Florence, at the Baglioni Hotel. This conference proposes an open discussion on how I4.0 is being applied across Europe and how various European and regional actors are dealing with the opportunities and challenges that it brings.  

Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is taking off across Europe. It concerns automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, making everything around manufacturing processes digitally connected. 

I4.0 is about technologies, production process, and materials, integrated for the first time with new digital technologies. I4.0 is an opportunity, but it is also a challenge. A challenge to adapt traditional sectors, manufacturing systems, and SMEs, the heart of the European economy, to ensure that they are part of this change. 

A representative of the STEPHANIE project was invited to present the project that is playing a strongly active role on the theme of Industry 4.0. Session 2 devoted to Interreg Europe and Industrial Modernisation.