The fifth Interregional policy learning workshop & peer review of the STOB regions project took place on 26th and 27th of June 2018 in Ribe and Esbjerg, Southern Denmark organized by the Danish partner Business Development Centre - Southern Denmark.

The first day was dedicated to introducing the participants to the thematic workshop topic: Valuation, rating and maintenance of value of companies in the transfer process.

Hosts for the day Hudevad Radiators A/S ( a business transfer case itself) at their headquarters in Ribe, South Denmark, provided a perfect backdrop for the partners to learn, discuss and exchange experiences, strategies and methods on the topic.

Day one provided expert external thematic lectures, CEO Michael Boel Olesen showcasing the successful Management Buyout of Hudevad Radiators A/S. In addition, Gitte Kirkegaard CEO of Logitrans A/S, described the process pertaining to three consecutive family successions within the company. The lectures provided detailed insight into valuation methods, concept of value (financial and subjective) and real world challenges related to the valuation process. Presentations from the project partner's followed, allowing participants an overview of valuation in the transfer process across the regions, including  Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt (Oder), Ernst & Young Finland, and Japón y Matarí Consultores from Spain.

The second day was allocated for the South Denmark peer review. Presentations by local stakeholders regarding the regional specificities, including Copenhagen Business School, Local transfer Network - UdviklingVejen and public business services of Business Development Centre - Southern Denmark. Both days considered in depth family transfers and facilitating environments.The panel discussion, with input from all participants addressed three key topics: 1) Can public business services make a difference in business transfer in the region? 2) Valuation methods and practice 3) Problems/challenges associated with valuation.

A SWOT analysis and recommendation session of the situation in the region was conducted, aimed at providing STOB regions' Danish partner external insights into policy learning, to strengthen the development of the overall business transfer situation in the region. The partners agreed for a joint additional output in the form of a Regional Succession Services Guidebook (RSS) to assist in shaping the action plans.

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