The fourth Regional stakeholder meeting of STOB regions' Spanish Partner Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry ans Shipping of Seville was held on 31st October 2018.

The participants from both public and private sectors, included  Japon y MataríConsultores, FEICASE and Andalusian Centers of Entrepreneurship (CADEs).

Each participant offered a brief presentation of their organisation. The participants agreed on the agenda and provisional lecture topics for the forthcoming Interregional Policy learning workshop and peer review to be held on 13-14th December 2018. The  thematic of the event is business transfer in rural areas and will be hosted by Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry ans Shipping of Seville.

The final topic on the agenda was the formulation of the regional action plan, whereby it was discussed the action plan to include good practice transfer focused on the dissemination of the culture of business transfer and locally relevant tools to support businesses throughout the duration of the transfer process.

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