Once a year the Slovenian leading financial magazine Finance organizes regional forums. The Regional forums are meetings, which represent a platform for discussion about the development paths of each region and a polygon for good business solutions. They are a symbol of a clear vision, solid business policy and innovative ideas. Every year they turn out to be an extremely well-accepted form of exchange of views in different local environments. This year, Finance Magazine organized the ninth-cycle of regional meetings.
The central topic of the forums' is the business future of the region, and regional experts and successful local entrepreneurs are discovering where the opportunities for the development of the region are hidden, what are the obstacles and the role of local actors and the state involved in this. The forums help to connect people in the region with political and economic personalities located elsewhere, especially from the center of the country.

One of the topic of this year’s forum was business succession. During the forum, Rok Šimenc, the Director of BSC Kranj, project partner in STOB Regions project, presented project itself, project activities in partnering countries and especially the actions of the Slovenian partner. He presented the Action plan draft and our pilot project – in which we took more than 15 companies (not just from Gorenjska region), in which we will lead and advise through the process of succession with the goal of realizing a succession plan for each company. The progress of the pilot project is currently at the half way mark, five workshops have been conducted, with the remaining five to  be organized in 2019. The pilot project has also entered the Individual counseling stage with the external coordinator, to provide participants an opportunity to discuss the more sensitive information related to succession.
Experiences from the workshops and all the best practices and experiences of project partners will provide a strong foundation for the formulation of the Regional Action plan which will be of assistance to entrepreneurs and will try to prevent many family companies failing to successfully transfer business ownership. 

For more information on the Gorenjska Forum visit here.  (In Slovenian)

For addtional information on STOB Regions' project partner BSC Kranj, visit here. (In Slovenian)