STOB regions' Lead partner, IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH held the 7th regional stakeholder group meeting on 16th November 2018 in the premises of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family of the State of Brandenburg in Potsdam. In attendance were representatives of Bürgschaftsbank Brandenburg, Fachhochschule Brandenburg, HWK Potsdam, IHK Cottbus, Kleinke consulting strategy,  MASFG, MWE, WFBB and STIC Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft.

The regional stakeholder group was presented with an evaluation of September's Interregional Policy Learning event in Bucharest, Romania with the thematic of matchmaking. In addition, the outputs and Good practices from all past events were reviewed for potential local transfer.

The stakeholder group was informed on the participation of STOB Regions in the final conference of the Interreg Alpine Space project C-TEMAlp (Continuity of Traditional Enterprises at Mountain Alpine Space Areas) in October 2018. A representative of the Ministry of Economy in Slovenia was in attendance at the event, and contact information was shared with the Slovenian partner of STOB Regions for future national level collaboration.

Preparations were finalized for the upcoming Interregional Policy Learning Event in Seville, Spain to be held between 13-14th December with the thematic of "Business Transfer in Rural Areas". The next Regional stakeholder Group Meeting of the lead partner is planned for Spring 2019.

For more information regarding STOB regions' Lead partner visit the website here.