On 11th october 2018, Mogens Bjerre project manager at Erhvervshus Syddanmark,  offered a presentation of the dialogue and charting of ownership change tool “koreplan for ejerskifte” at Erhvervsakademiet.  The participants were comprised of public business consultants. Koreplan for ejerskifte is at tool adapted from STOB regions' German partner, EMF Institute (Nachfolgefahrplan) and translated into Danish. The tool is meant to be used by consultants with no expertise in business transfer as a support for both parties in the discussion.
The presentation was arranged as a workshop for the consultants. During the workshop the consultants could practice and evaluate the tool. The response from the participants was positive and a majority of the consultants found the tool easy to use and relevant. After he workshop several participants requested hard copy samples to use in daily work.
Erhvervsakademiet invite public business consultants in the region for training and network days multiple times during a year. The number of participants are approximately 40-50 consultants.  
The experience and response from the Consultants will be used in the formulation of the Action Plan in Southern Denmark.