The regional stakeholder group meeting of STOB regions' project partner Małopolska Region was held on 15th March 2019. Participants of the meeting included the Marshal Office of the Małopolska Region and PM Business Consulting.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and formalize the Good Practice of “The family Business Succession Guidebook”, to gain verification and acceptance from the GP owner, PM business Consulting, to publish as a STOB regions identified Good Practice and submit to the Policy Learning Platform.

The good practice provides a comprehensive multi-format solution supporting companies facing succession. The guidebook provides practical tips and experiences concerning the difficult and long-term process of handing over the company to the successor, divided into five fields: financial, law, strategy, organisation and human resources. The guidebook was conceived through the contributions of experienced advisors, family business owners, managers and scientists.
The guidebook incorporates two tools: a diagnostic application for family business owners to assess the enterprise’s maturity to estimate readiness for succession. The second tool, a planning application is utilized to formulate a preliminary succession plan. Success of the GP is evidenced through over 250 downloads, and over 100 follow ups through practical-oriented succession workshops.
Potential for Transfer? Succession can be a complicated and daunting process. The guidebook simplifies the complexity inclusive of a wide range of target groups and supports stakeholders in planning the succession. Readily transferable by other regions who can adapt the structure, diagnosis and planning processes and framework to the regions’ unique specifics.
Follow the link for more detailed information on the good practice “The family Business Succession Guidebook”.

In addition, a similar continuation project coordinated by the GP owner was discussed, entitled “Through Succession with a guide” which builds upon the knowledge, experiences and  results from the aforementioned GP, more information can be found here (In Polish). The upcoming 8th regional workshop held in Slovenia, covering the thematic of finance/financial instruments to support business transfer was discussed and the approach planned.