On the 6th of May 2019 Danish partner Erhvervshus Sydjylland held an Action Plan workshop in South Denmark.

The workshop was arranged at the Trinity Conference Center, Fredericia DK. In advance the agenda, information material for preparation, inceptions report etc. were sent to the participants. Lone Granzow from Erhvervshus Sydjylland, facilitated and managed the workshop. Given the advanced preparation, the participants were sufficiently equipped to concentrate on the workshop's topics and the expected outcomes.
Participants comprised the regional stakeholder group, other specialists and representatives from CBS/CFK Copenhagen (research and knowledge), local and regional levels of public business service, influencers and specialists in business transfer. Kicking off the workshop, Lone Granzow provided an introduction to the workshop and the program for the day.

The first component included a short introduction and resume by project manager Mogens Bjerre covering:

-Presentation of STOB regions' good practices
-Experience and knowledge exchange from the STOB regions project and workshops.
-The inception Report from South Denmark
-Summary from the Regional workshop in South Denmark June 2018 covering SWOT analysis and peer review.
-Experience from local programs

Secondly, the participants were organized in groups to work interactively on the questions regarding the Regional Action Plan. The first question was to identify the needs, gaps, experiences, synergies etc of support for business transfer in the region. Identification and consensus of the pertinent needs and gaps in all groups was achieved. However, potential synergies between public business service, influencers, specialists, private advisers etc. did demand deeper discussion. The groups' discussions, decisions and recommendations was presented in plenum in a peer review process.
The third task for the groups was to select relevant Good Practices, policies, methods etc. to be utilized in the Regional Action Plan. The groups took this challenge very seriously and provided clear recommendations and options towards the Regional Action Plan. Recommendations were discussed and given priority in plenum. The discussions were intense and with a high level of ambition and relevance to the Action Plan for the south Danish region.
Finally the workshop was summarized and the most important recommendations was given, officially reported in the minutes of meeting covering also the results of the interactive group work.
In conclusion, the workshop provided the Danish partner a clear ambition and lineage for the local Action Plan and the work towards the Action Plan continues.

For more information visit the website of our Danish partner here.