On 16th September 2019 STOB regions held the Action plan workshop in Palma de Mallorca, aimed at refining and concretising the regional action plans, it marks the last formal meeting of the partners during phase I of the project.

The workshop was opened by the advisory partner, Berlin School of Economics and Law, providing the agenda for the day and presenting the assessment framework for the development of successful regional action plans. Six key points were introduced to assess and benchmark each region for more effective regional action plans aimed at improving regional policies supporting business transfer and succession:

  1. Improvable ( policy improvement)
  2. Advisable
  3. Implementable
  4. Additionality (learning transfer)
  5. Convincing
  6. Logical (linking the project to action plan)

After which each partner region presented in detail, the current progress of their respective action plan concepts, inclusive and focused on the policy instrument addressed, specific improvement needs and subsequent actions to support policy improvement. Partners offered insightful exchanges and recommendations to refine each of the AP concepts to improve regional policies supporting business transfer and succession. Development, finalisation and endorsement of the Action plans continues in anticipation for implementation in phase II of the project, due to start in January 2020.