Slovenian project partner BSC Kranj Ltd, the Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska Region, based on the success of the previous round of workshops,  has started a new cycle of workshops targeted for family businesses. With the experiences and knowledge gained in first cycle, the organisation have prepared and will implement a curriculum which will assist family businesses to effectively plan their succession.
During the first workshop, conducted on 10.10.2019 the coordinator explained why family companies are different from non-family owned companies, and why is important to start planning succession early enough and why the process has potential for complication.
In this cycle BSC Kranj, will organize the course through 6 workshops for first and second generation representatives of family businesses and in which family businesses will receive information, counseling and guidance for preparing the succession plan.

The importance of succession planning in Slovenia

Currently 86% of all businesses are family owned and, in this group, more than 60% of all businesses are still led by the first generation, these statistics reflect vividly in the participating group. For the pilot, it was initially planned to offer business succession planning and support for 5 to 10 companies, however due to increased interest and demand for such services, 18 companies are participating in the preparatory action workshops. The participating companies are located all across Slovenia and not only from the Gorenjska region.

The six workshops will conclude by the end of 2019. The aim is to formulate individual succession plans for all the participating family businesses.

Visit the official website of BSC Kranj here.