Developed within the framework of the Intereg Europe project SUBTRACT, the Department for Waste and Resource Management of the Provincial Government of Styria has designed and recently launched the Styrian Re-Use Map.

Re-use is a crucial measure when it comes to achieving waste prevention - the top priority of the European waste hierarchy. Re-use, second-hand, repair and upcycling activities contribute to extending the life cycle of used products and thus to reducing waste. In Austria, 23,700 tonnes of waste can be avoided annually through re-use and repair activities.  Their major impact can be observed not only in terms of the amount of generated waste, but also when it comes to the use of resources (energy, raw materials and CO2 emissions). In addition, the re-use sector stimulates regional initiatives and creates numerous jobs.
In order to support the SMEs working in the re-use sector in Styria by increasing their visibility at the regional level, the Department for Waste and Resource Management of the Provincial Government of Styria has designed and launched the Styrian Re-Use Map. Another important objective is to promote the idea of re-use, using a digital tool and to make the population aware of the extensive range of re-use goods available in the region. This, in turn, should increase the competitiveness of the enterprises working in the reuse-sector.
The Styrian Re-Use Map available at the link provides an up-to-date overview of regional re-use shops and their product segments and services, including different categories, such electronics, furniture and bikes, textiles, media and household goods. By clicking on the individual enterprises on the Styrian reuse map a pop-up window opens, providing information on the address, range of goods, opening hours and services offered by the enterprise. At present, there are more than 80 registered businesses and the map is being constantly expanded. The goal is to include all Styrian businesses working in the reuse sector.
The possibilities on how to further expand the re-use map and promote it in the future have been discussed during the last regional stakeholder workshop in Styria organized within the framework of the project SUBTRACT on June 8th, 2021.