The presentation was done by Gesenu, the waste management company of Central Umbria which illustrated the prospects of the reuse centres in the Region also in virtue of the European project SUBTRACT, recently started, which aims at the exchange of experiences and at the improvement of the reuse centres as Small and Medium Enterprises.

Reuse Centres are an expression of good practice in the field of waste prevention, as they are useful for recovering and reintroducing into the system products and goods that might otherwise become waste. Presently reuse centres are being implemented in Umbria in the wake of a call that offers a co-financing of € 75,000 for municipalities that intend to create one. Corciano and Tavernelle are planning to do so in the near future, while two other ones have already started activity in Marsciano and Perugia. The Reuse Centre of Perugia was built within the existing Municipal Collection Centre of San Marco and started activity on April 10 with the assignment of the management to the voluntary association "Il Merkasino odv". The centre is already widely used by citizens who have begun to bring the objects they no longer use, but still in good conditions. Massimo Pera, director of Gesenu, illustrated the perspectives of the centre also in virtue of the European project SUBTRACT, which will provide valuable knowledge for the existing centres but also accompany the creation of future ones - a total of eleven centres are foreseen in the region – to bring them to a good start for becoming thriving and attractive enterprises.