The consortium of the Interreg Success Road project invites you to join a high-level Roundtable at the occasion of the European Week of the Regions and Cities. The event will take place online on the 3rd of November, from 11:00 to 12:30 CET


  • Small and Family businesses play a considerable role in the European economy, and especially in regional development. They are significant drivers of employment and growth and play a distinctive role in the prosperity of local communities. 
  • But business transfers between generations can be a life-or-death situation for many small businesses, with only 30% of family-owned companies surviving the succession phase. 
  • Because of their essential role in the economy, each SME’s failed succession process threatens the EU’s economic structure, regional job markets, and regional competitiveness. 

The Roundtable

As evidenced by this year’s European Week of the Regions and Cities motto “Together for Recovery”, the issues surrounding SMEs resilience and competitiveness have become crucial.

The Roundtable brings together high-level European, National, and Regional elected officials, policymakers, and scholars to discuss how central and regional governments can adapt their policy frameworks to make the succession phase less risky and create business-friendlier regulatory environments. The Roundtable will allow participants to ask questions and interact with speakers, and both the audience and the speakers are expected to bring home valuable information.

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