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Prepare Next Generation to Run Family Business


US statistics on family businesses show that, in the last five years, only 19%...

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Retention Strategies for Family Businesses


In the article from Harvard Business Review we suggest you today, Prof. James...

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Splitting and keeping the business in the family


Business transfer to the next generation is a complex task, requiring strong...

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Private Equity for Family Succession


One of the first decisions a family-business entrepreneur must make when it...

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Are family businesses more resilient?


After seeing the state of family businesses in the MENA region, today we focus...

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KPMG report: Good news from the MENA region!


As already presented in our previous article, The regenerative power of family...

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How To Run A Business With Your Siblings


It is a fact that the most famous and successful companies worldwide are family...

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The regenerative power of family businesses


What is it about family businesses that enables them to stay ahead of the...

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Induction of next generation in family business


Growth and Perpetuation of family business depends on successful transition of...

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Succession Planning in the age of Digitalisation


Digital Transformation is impacting businesses and the markets they serve, as...

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Resilience and Regeneration in Family Businesses


New Research Shows What’s Driving Resilience and Regeneration in Today’s Global...

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Symptoms of a Succession Plan That Will Fail


Here are the top fourteen symptoms of a business succession plan that will...

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