As we reach the end of the project, we have asked the project partners to summarise their main learnings and results from the project and how they have benefited from being part of an Interreg Europe project.  

What are the main learnings and results from the project for you and your region?

We’ve learned from several SUPER-project activities, such as the self assessment tools, interviews with SMEs and inspiration from other partner regions. These activities have contributed to an improved governance structure for (eco) innovative SMEs in the region by establishing a support entity, the ROM (regional development company). This offers an improved facility and governance structure to support the innovative SMEs in the Utrecht region and means that support (advice on trade and invest activities, business development and financial support) can be organised more efficiently. The regional development company will be responsible for the management of the two funds: a proof of concept fund and a participation fund.

  What benefits have Interreg Europe project brought to you and your region? 

Partner meetings were very valuable for inspiration and contemplation, it gave the opportunity to reflect on our support system. Discussing your support system with peers from across Europe, put’s your support system in a different perspective. Also, the development of the Regional Action Plan helped us to focus our phase 2 activities and gave us the chance to also juridical check all concept documents that form the building blocks for the realization and implementation of the improved support instruments of the ROM.