As we reach the end of the project, we have asked the project partners to summarise their main learnings and results from the project and how they have benefited from being part of an Interreg Europe project.

- What are the main learnings and results from the project for you and your region?

The SUPER project was a journey of learnings. We have gained a lot a new impulses and inspiration. Based on the lessons learnt from the cooperation, the ministry implemented a refined policy instrument: the research and development programme “PIUS-Innovativ“.

PIUS-Innovativ‘s aim is to subsidize R&D projects which help to reduce material and energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions. Projects can either target at developing existing products, processes and services further or at realizing basic research (e.g. in the fields of recycling, energy production or energy storage).

- What benefits have Interreg Europe project brought to you and your region?

We have build up a great international network with partners from all over Europe. Even if the conditions in the regions differed, we have noticed that we all have faced similar challenges e.g. when it comes to EU regulations, how to promote the projects. It was not only very beneficial to exchange ideas with partners working in the same field, but also it was extremly helpful to get an outside look.