As we reach the end of the project, we have asked the project partners to summarise their main learnings and results from the project and how they have benefited from being part of an Interreg Europe project.

What are the main learnings and results from the project for you and your region?

SUPER Project’s learnings and inspiration helped us to understand better our regional support system and to identify weaknesess we needed to work on. There were several barriers for SMEs to uptake eco-innovation and relatively lower levels of support system awareness. We were inspired by the Danish good practice, “Biopro – biotech manufacturing challenges fosters innovative high-tech start-ups ». Although our target group was not only biotech companies we indentified some of the same problmes within the companies in our region. They usually face big challenges trying to innovate and to test new products in the market. So, the cooperation and connection with other companies or any actor who would help them with a full scale running production is a win-win relationship. Moreover, we developed contacts with very interesting organizations and partners to keep strengthening our professional network.

What benefits have Interreg Europe project brought to you and your region?

Eco-innovation was considered for the first time into the strategy defined under the policy instrument. The open innovation program included within the Action Plan selected new eco-innovation and circular economy challenges to work on the Region of Murcia - boosting SMEs competitiveness and environmental protection. It was also great to identify a pool of experts and to create a regional group to keep working on improving the regional innovation support system. It is not only us who were benefited from the partners‘ experience or gained knowledge within the activities. It is all the Region of Murcia the main beneficiary having the project‘s resources and contacts available for future initiatives and projects.