On 10th of May the SUPER project organized the first interregional project meeting on theme "Exchange of experiences on current regional practices". The purpose of the meeting was to exchange experiences on how the regions are working with innovation support at various levels.

To get a better picture of each regions strengths and weaknesses when it comes to supporting SME in environmentally driven business development and - into international markets the partners were assigned to create a PPT-slide giving an overall picture of support actors and types of support in their region. The slides were used in workshop activities.

- We had a constructive meeting with good discussions and saw some new approaches on how we can develop the regional innovation support system says Emina Radetinac, project manager at the County Administrative Board.

Olof Hjelm from Linköping University had a presentation on “Good Practice of Supporting Eco-innovations in small companies: Experiences and reflections from the SHIFT-project”.

At the end of the day the project partner discussed the next step in the project; Questionnaire for SME:s