SUPER and the German region of Hessen, represented by its Ministry of Economics, have recently concluded an Associated Partnership Agreement and will cooperate around supporting eco-innovative SMEs.

The activities by the SUPER consortium are further boosted by including another strong European eco-innovation region in their best-practice exchange. SUPER Lead Partner County Adminstrative Board Östergötland and the Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development, State of Hessen, (HMWEVL) have recently signed an Associated Partnership Agreement on close cooperation with the aim to promote the further development of Europe’s eco-innovation and resource efficiency expertise and particularly innovative European SMEs whose business is based on eco-innovations.  


The German Federal State of Hessen is one of Europe’s leading high-tech regions and a key location for environmental technologies as well as home to a range of – predominantly small – companies which are running resource-efficient production sites and beginning to implement circular economy approaches. The regional government places a premium on the uptake of environmentally sustainable innovations by SMEs and is dedicated to securing a strong regional support network for eco-innovative companies. Eco-innovations are seen as vital for improving resource efficiency including energy efficiency, which HMWEVL strongly promotes as the regional public authority responsible for energy policy and managing the energy transition.


Together with Hessen Trade & Invest, the regional business development agency, and additional regional partners HMWEVL connects environmental technology suppliers with potential users, organizes conferences and workshops as well as group exhibitions in international fairs, directs companies to suitable funding opportunities and issues sector studies and specialized publications on topics such as waste management, water management, ecodesign or resource efficiency in production processes.


HMWEVL, which does not receive funding by Interreg Europe for its activities supporting the SUPER project objectives but uses regional funds exclusively, has committed to working with the SUPER consortium much like a regular partner. It will consequently contribute to all major project activities such as conducting and reporting on a regional analysis of SME need for support measures and elaborating an action plan for how best to adapt regional policy instruments to the needs of eco-innovative companies.

The SUPER consortium and HMWEVL look forward to sharing their expertise and together bringing Europe’s eco-innovative companies forward. 

The SUPER contact person at HMWEVL is: 

Dr. Ulrike Niedner-Kalthoff 

Key Enabling Technologies,

Resource Efficiency

Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport  

and Regional Development, State of Hessen

Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 75

65185 Wiesbaden

Tel.: +49 (611) 815 2478 

Fax: +49 (611) 32 717 2478

E-Mail: [email protected]