Between 26-28 of November 2016 will be took a place a new edition of Smogathon - innovative initiative in the fight against air pollution. If your have some revolutionary air-cleaning idea don´t hold back and register. 

Air pollution is one of the most pressing problems and the most urgent challenge facing humanity. This issue affects all of us and whether we take it on seriously or not, depends how hard it will affect our quality of life and health in the future. It is a global problem, focused especially in the most-developed regions of the world. As everyone noticed nowadays, the progress has negative consequences, but fortunately also extends the range of tools and possibilities to reduce them. The starting point to do is rise an awareness of the problem, which will lead to the implementation of the second key step - namely the development of technologies to counter pollution and create economies and consumption not causing further exponentiation or pollution.

The aim of activity like Smogathon is to create a sense of shared responsibility and complicity both in society, in legislative level and also in highly significant area of technology and innovative companies. As the slogan organizers of the event thanks to technology we can fight smog in the fastest and most effective way! Smogathon is an initiative carried out in Poland, the country of origin of one of the project partners of SUPER. According to the WHO report published at May 2016 in Poland is located 33 out of the 50 most polluted cities in the European Union. The statistics concerning this issue are alarming - about 40 thousand Poles died as a result of air pollution (13 times more than in cars accidents). Smog is also cause of many non-specific symptoms including headaches, allergies, cardiology problems, chronic tiredness and many diseases like cancer, leukemia, neurological pathology, and heart attacks. Globally, these figures are even more frightening - pollution cause 3.3 million premature deaths in the world every year and forecasts for the future indicate that with each decade the level of pollution will be significantly increased, in much faster pace, costing humanity an average of 1% of global GDP by 2060 (OECD, IEA). It is a reason of which also for European Union the struggle for clean air is one of the top priorities.

Smogathon event is taking place in Krakow – the city with the largest smog in all country (11th most polluted city in the European Union). Krakow is the former capital of Polish and cultural heart of the over 1000-year tradition of this country. Both for the residents of the city, whole Poles and also many millions of tourists who are visiting the city each year, Krakow is an irreplaceable place definitely worth to fight for. This fight has taken place in many areas and through a variety of methods, including using appropriate technology in various fields of science and business. The main goal of Smogathon is the search for and implementations of technological effective solutions that can significantly influence on scale of pollution and help to fight for clean air. The organizers by involving as many people as possible into creation and realization of the idea want to raise the awareness of this air pollution issue.  Last year's edition of Smogathon was attended by 250 participants. In the 2016 edition of the goals are even greater.

The best project within Smogathon will be emerged by way of contest, whose grand prize is 100,000 PLN in cash for developing the best project related to fighting with air pollution within technology! In the even can take a part only teams consisting of at least 2 people or rather more. This is intended to promote cooperation and collective creativity, which can facilitate, in our opinion, the development and implementation of ideas and start-up of any kind. 

First step you need to do is preparing your idea in detail and make an application at The website will be leading you through all mandatory step of the application and moreover will opens up access to the whole case studies materials which can also inspire you during developing or boosting your project, assuring better acquainted with the issue. The next step is a Boot Camp Smogathon 26-27 of November in Krakow while your idea evaluated by group of mentors. A maximum of 25 projects will be selected to participate in the Boot Camp. Only 10 of them goes to Grand Final which will be took place at 28 of November.  Participants will have to make a public, five-minute presentation  and defense their concepts in front of prestige jury and prominent audience. The most creative and stress-killer of the team – wins!! 100 thousand it read to take so stakes are high! 

Check out the Smogathon Bootcamp (2016) - Official Trailer

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