The event took place on 15 February 2019 in Monki. Altogether 43 people attended the meeting, including mainly local entreperenurs and few represenatives of local authorities.

The main part of the meeting was devoted to a presentation of the SUPER project, namely: its objective, partnership, good practices, completed actions (SAT analysis), and obviously the action plan.

The presentation was delivered by Dorota Isajuk, project manager. The manager presented 3 recommendations elaborated in the course of works on the action plan. The recommendations concern investment priority 1b of the Regional Operational Program of the Podlaskie Voivodship 2014-2020 – the increased R&D activeness of enterprises. The topic generated considerable interest as the action plan’s purpose is to support entrepreneurs, e.g. by facilitating application procedures. The participants raised questions and presented their point of view even after the meeting was finished. Most difficulties reported by them concerned complicatedness of procedures, lack of resources to apply, etc. The next dissemination event will take place in Bialystok in March 2019.