The new Danish decentral strategy for business support and promotion: Is it (still) green?

The new Danish strategy for decentral business support and promotion is almost here. As of now, it is in public hearing until 24th of November. 

The new strategy is a result of a national workshop series involving most of support actors. The strategy has six transversal priorities: 

  • Digitalization and use of new technology
  • Green and circular transition
  • Internalization and crossborder collaboration
  • Entrepreneurship and growth ambitions
  • Clusters and innovation collaborations
  • Qualified workforce to local needs 

Even though growth is still the main priority in the strategy, the green part of the strategy is (still) there. One of the six priorities is green and circular transition and green tech is still a major part of Danish export focus. 

In Region Zealand the green focus is strong. The regional strategy emphasizes the further development of green transition, circular economy and green biotech companies with base in Kalundborg (home of the Kalundborg Symbiosis as well as public private partnerships for green transition and clean environment.