Every Ending means a new beginning. For SUPPORT it means the ending of interregional learning of Phase 1 and the beginning of implementing actions in Phase 2. The final regional conference was organized on June 17th in Landau. More than 50 participants joined the event to get informed about the Rhineland-Palatinate regional action plan. The audience was welcomed by the CEO of the Energy Agency Rhineland-Palatinate Mr. Thomas Pensel and the Secretary of State at the Ministry for the Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry Rhineland-Palatinate Mr. Thomas Griese.

The regional action plan was presented. It consists of three actions dealing with energy data and how to improve their quality and availability and contracting as a financing model. The Best-Practices which were the inspiration for the actions were presented as well. ANERGO, the ALBA regional energy observary was inspiration for the action “Municipal greenhouse gas balancing and regional climate protection portals” (KomBiReK). EMIS a Central data collection and energy management system from Croatia inspired us to foster a comprehensive and standardized energy management system for Rhineland-Palatinate. An action on how to reach that was described. The full scale EPC from Kalmar in Sweden was a perfect example to Rhineland-Palatinate municipalities to show the potentials of contracting and will help to implement the action in this field.

The final regional conference did not only serve as an ending of phase 1 it also served as the beginning of phase 2. The Secretary of State at the Ministry for the Environment handed over the subsidy contract to implement the action KomBiReK. The action is financed by the policy instrument, the ERDF Rhineland-Palatinate. Phase 2 starts positively and the feedback from the audience was very good. The further implementation of the action plan can begin.