An important activity of the [email protected] pilot action, namely the training course dedicated to the energy team in charge of rolling out all activities related to energy saving on site, was finalised on 26th May 2020 with the organisation of the last session of the training course. The first 2 sessions were held  in a traditional face-to-face meeting formula but the last one was organised online with a little delay as originally programmed due to the lockdown set by the government due to the Covid19 pandemic.
The 3rd Session marked the last of the three events aimed to raise the level of knowledge of the energy team involved in energy saving at their workplace namely in ”Horea, Closca and Crisan” National College, Alba Iulia.
The training course was meant to support the selected participants to make small changes to their behaviours as energy consumers by using a large diversity of techniques and to encourage them to pass that knowledge to their colleagues and their students as well. The participants were teachers and auxiliary staff from the HCC College who were previously identified based on a survey conducted among all staff working in the building, which showed their level of interset and readiness to enroll in such energy saving activities.
The course was organised during the months of months December 2019 and May 2020, the final session, originally planned for March, was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic situation that caused the Romanian schools to close since the beginning of March.

The training was structured in 3 sessions, based on the subject approached.
Session 1 – 10 December 2019 - approaching Module 1: Saving electrical energy (interior lighting, energy efficiency of IT equipment used for both didactic activities and for day to day administrative ones, school laboratory equipment, electrical boilers for domestic hot water, AC systems).
Session 2 – 18 December 2019 - approaching Module 2: Saving thermal energy (central heating of the building). Also, the training approached the handling of the distribution system and its efficiency, the use of thermal energy in different locations of the building according to the work programme and the different activities deployed. The focus was put on the adjustment systems of heating in different locations considering their construction peculiarities, type of use and time intervals.
Session 3 – 26th May 2020 - approaching Module 3: Using energy monitoring systems and smart applications related to energy consumption in buildings
The 3rd session was held as an online one on a popular video conferencing platform, overcoming the lockdown barrier, as the team, eager to start the pilot action activities proposed to have the final meeting using this innovative approach.
The final event focused on the SMART equipment available for the public to monitor energy consumption in buildings as well as on the SMART equipment that were installed in the HCC College building for this purpose and in the framework of the SUPPORT project. Special emphasis was put on the data collected by this equipment which allowed to have an overall picture of the energy consumption in the building as well as the indoor air quality parameters.
The final event was also dedicated to presenting to the team the conclusions of the energy audit of the building and proposals for energy saving measures.
Moreover, the session was attended by the representatives of Alba Iulia Municipality who acknowledged the importance of such energy saving initiatives in public buildings as the ”[email protected]” and assured the college representatives of the municipality decision of setting the HCC college building as priority one for energy rehabilitation finding also the right financing solution for this purpose. According to them, the decision was made thanks to the findings of the energy audit and the building users’ readiness of engagement in such energy saving campaigns which shows their interest and proactive approach in the domain.