On 16th November ALEA gave a presentation on the SUPPORT Action Plan elaboration following the invitation on behalf of SMEPlus project partnership. The presentation was held online in the framework of a project management meeting of the SMEPlus projet

ALEA shared is experience in elaborating the SUPPORT Action Plan with focus on the actual process of getting from the application period to the development of the action plan detailing the challenges, the time restrictions, the involvement of stakeholders and partnership support as well.

ALEA also covered the inspirational aspects of the plan elaboration highlighting the steps a partner should pay attention to, such as: identification of regional problems, meetings with partners and their stakeholders to present good practices that might offer solution for the regional problem via the different experience activities foreseen in the SUPPORT project, validation of ideas, submission of the action plan ensuring endorsement by the key decision makers. At the end ALEA also gave some ideas, based on own experience about some issues related to the implementation phase as well.

After the presentation all participants engaged into discussion about the process from the start till the end product.