The Interreg Europe project "SUPPORT" (Support Local Governments in Low Carbon Strategies) will end next June 2021.

Each partner is working on organizing the final conference which, due to the restrictions for the global pandemic, will take place online next February 2nd from 10AM to 13:30PM.

There are three sessions each of which will be opened by a video clip that announce the topics to be discussed. The main topics will concern: 
1. Multi-municipal actions and better implementation of existing documents 
2. Software solutions for energy consumption monitoring 
3. Alternative solutions for energy-efficient public buildings. 

The speakers will share their experiences and best practices and will illustrate the results of the local action plans developed during the project. 

This will include the whole process of exchanging experiences. 

We will also talk about new perspectives and benefits from the lockdown during the Coronavirus.  

CMRC will be the one to report on the advantages of smartworking model used during this pandemic period.

The complete program is attached.

Final conference registration is required. Please register online by Friday 29 January 2021 at the following address: 

Please take note that the participation is free and that the number of participants is limited. 

We are looking forward to your participation!