The final conference of the interreg Support project was held last 2nd february.

The conference due to the pandemic, was held online with 91 registered participants and over 100 people who followed the work in streaming.



All the representatives of the partnership  took part the three sessions scheduled on the agenda sharing the experiences gained, the good practices implemented, and illustrating both the best pilot actions and the relative implementations developed during the project.

In the first session the critical topic that the municipalities face on the issue of energy efficiency was analyzed.

After that floor was given to those who illustrated the energy efficiency measurement systems, explaining in particular the web platforms developed such as ANERGO and ENERJ.

The last topic was about the pilot actions associated to the good practice [email protected] represented by the Swedish partner, to prove how behavioral change of individuals is the importance.

A great team to be proud of!

Ms. Charo Camacho, Senior Officer of the Interreg Europe Secretariat, also intervened congratulating on the work done and on the continuous project media presence both on the official website and on social media.

In the final session, the CMRC reported a study carried on the environmental benefits and consumption savings in Rome related to the  forced smart working period due to the pandemic, a working system that was adopted even before the emergency and  that was extended to a greater number of workers on this occasion.
 A good example to reply!

In this link you can find the full video of the final conference