For the last five years, the SUPPORT project, funded by the Interreg Europe program, has helped deepen the knowledge on the issue of energy efficiency at the regional level thanks to the exchange of ideas and experiences between the project partners, as well as through the development of action plans for each of the participating regions. SUPPORT bringed together 11 project partners from 9 European Countries (Lead Partner: Croatia, Bulgary, Italy, Germany, Italy, Malta, Romania, Spain and Sweden).

SUPPORT has tackled the difficulties encountered by many cities of the project partners in the implementation of sustainable energy policies for the achievement of a strategic objective, namely the reduction of energy consumption.
At the same time, 9 pilot actions were identified, contributing to save energy as well as to strengthen citizens' awareness so that they become responsible consumers of energy, thus acting to limit climate change.
SUPPORT led to a new capacity of the partners to better achieve EU targets for 2030 based on already approved EU models.
In this final video we wanted to show the salient moments of our work and disseminate key results of the action plans.
Enjoy and thanks for sharing!