In the 5 participating partner regions Regional Action Plans have now been developed in collaboration with stakeholders. It is the direct outcome of the (inter)regional knowledge exchange in the project. Between the partners, but also within partner regions it has been a process of sharing and learning. Sharing knowledge and learning specific actions.

With these action plans, partners, with continued input and support of their stakeholders, aim to capitalize on these lessons learnt. In several regions good practices will serve as the basis for improved policy and/or new projects.

The Province of Zuid-Holland (The Netherlands)

ACTION PLAN to improve the Green&Blue living environment in the Province of Zuid-Holland by collecting, combining and sharing ambitions, knowledge and knowhow and working together with regions and municipalities in reaching their shared goals.

Action Plan activities are referred to:
• Elaboration of a knowledge agenda in relation to the Green&Blue living environment (closing the knowledge gap)
• Elaboration of online tools (ambition mapping) and toolkits (efficiency)
• Further implementation of the actions within the Vision GreenBlue living environment

Tipperary County Council (Ireland)

ACTION PLAN to enhance green and blue infrastructure within the county and  maximise the environmental, social and economic benefits that can be gained  from the increased protection and management of these environmental resources.

Action Plan activities are referred to:
• Implementation of the actions (framework; project; and policy) contained in the  Green and Blue Infrastructure Masterplan Roadmap for Tipperary Waterways
• Development and further implementation of Partnering and Community Engagement  Programmes/Activities; local authority capacity building; integration
of green and blue infrastructure principles into Development Plan policy and  land use planning/zoning
• Dissemination of the baseline data of the River Suir and Lough Derg Heritage  Audits

Metropolitan City of Milan (Italy)

ACTION PLAN on how to exploit the potential of natural and cultural heritage in order to strengthen the attractiveness of the Navigli Waterways System in the Metropolitan City of Milan through a virtuous public and private cooperation and how to get sufficient economic resources through systematic and adequate actions by the public authorities together with the local municipalities and stakeholders.

Action Plan activities are referred to:

• Memorization of what already exists and is worth being regenerated

• Revaluation of what has been neglected for long time (Atlas of the Heritage) 

• Re-imagination and re-generation of the fruition of inland waterways (Navigli) and their heritage

• Re-setting up business plans of the territorial development  together with the authorities in charge of the Navigli 

• Facilitation of collaboration with local stakeholders

Pons-Danubii EGTC (Slovakia/Hungary)

ACTION PLAN for the facilitation of sustainable development of the Danube  River cross-border region as a tourism destination aiming to bring back the old  memory of a joint region united by the Danube River.
The cross-border region around Danube River is ~ 200 km long / 500 km² area

Action Plan activities are referred to:
• Elaboration of a sustainability manual for cross-border natural and cultural heritage  development initiatives to stimulate projects focusing on sustainable development
• Recommendations for the improved operation of the Interreg V-A Slovakia- Hungary Cooperation Programme 2014-2020
• Promotion of inclusive management providing professional/methodological support  for the improved participatory approach
• Elaboration of a guide to improve dissemination of the successful projects in order  to ensure wider visibility about sustainable natural and cultural  heritage developments’ results and effects

Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia)

ACTION PLAN on how to facilitate integrated management and sustainable development  of natural and cultural heritage in Vidzeme Planning Region aiming  to improve regional tourism development policy.

Action Plan activities are referred to:
• Improvements in the situation of management fragmentation in the field of cultural  and natural heritage
• Development of social environment in the municipalities by facilitating public  and local communities’ involvement
• Facilitation of cooperation between tourism entrepreneurs and other stakeholders  for development of tourism destinations

Full texts of ALL 5 Action Plans can be found HERE.

The SWARE project is implemented with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the INTERREG Europe Programme 2014 – 2020. This publication reflects the author’s views only and the INTERREG Europe Programme authorities are not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.