The main scope of the event is to recognise and adress the challenges stakeholders face when they attempt to adopt waste management and by-product exchanges systems.


Examples of goodpractices and actions taken in order to overcome obstacles met on their way of implementing their circular economy idea will be presented to the stakeholders.


Stakeholders will discuss about their efforts for adopting a by-product exchange system, the challenges they faced during this procedure and the results of their efforts.


The discussion will focus on measures and actions that should be organised regarding:

- Increasing market demand and availiability of circular economy products

- Developing the necessary technology, equipment and infrastructure

- Finding the necessary financial tools

- Recomentations for changes in national and regional regulations

- Actions for promoting the use of green public procurement


The results of the meeting will be useful for structuring the Action Plan.


An indicative list of by-waste that will be addressed during the meeting is the following:

- Construction & demolition waste

- Water recycling – wastewater sludge

- Wood biomass

- Metal – Plastic – Glass